The Children’s Hospital Case Study

As the VP of External Affairs at The Children’s Hospital (TCH), Maren developed and executed a statewide campaign to change behavior and make kids safer. This required educating parents, as well as the broader community, mobilizing constituencies, identifying key partners and advocating for public policy change.

Employing traditional earned and paid media methods, including securing editorial news coverage, placing print ads and pitching stories featuring families impacted by the use and nonuse of booster seats, the media advocacy effort amplified the public awareness and education campaign and supported the legislative advocacy effort. At the same time, various internal communication channels – newsletters, magazines, emails and forums – were utilized to engage stakeholders such as employees, board members and donors. And, more than 2,000 grassroots advocates throughout the state were armed with facts and key messages to extend influence and reach.

Finally, capitalizing on the power of community outreach, coordinated strategic partners hosted educational events, trainings and opportunities to distribute booster seats in communities where access was an issue. Kids in Colorado are much safer thanks to this successful integrated advocacy campaign.