Colorado Education Association Case Study

Confronting and shaping the new world of public education, while honoring its past, has been among the main challenges facing CEA’s 30,000 members.  And while members share a common love of education and our children, they experience the responsibilities of education in many different ways.

iQu serves as the agency of record for CEA, providing an extended range of strategic and communications services.  But at the outset of 2014, with the implementation of statewide evaluations systems about to begin and the onset of more and more standardized testing, CEA leadership challenged iQu to respond with a new kind of campaign that would unite the concerns of CEA members with the priorities of parents and students.

The Free Our Teachers-Value Our Students campaign has received statewide recognition for its ‘cut-through-the-clutter’ messaging and visual impact.  The campaign presents the frustrations many have with too much standardized testing and too little emphasis on letting teachers teach, using a humorous touch to drive home the message. The integrated campaign included a statewide media relations push, social media yielding nearly 10,000 active followers, outdoor billboards, two video spots, and engagement among a cohesive statewide network of members and educators. Additionally, the reach of this work has been extended through a partnership with Rocky Mountain PBS’ Super School News. The next phase of this campaign will focus on engaging parents and voters. Stay tuned.

“Simply put, the iQu team makes us better.  They’re great partners – not only willing to serve, but also to challenge and help guide us.”   Amy Baca-Oehlert, Vice President at CEA.