Energy Interests Case Study

This had never happened before in Colorado – or anywhere else that we’re aware of. Five local ballot measures, dropped like an avalanche at virtually the same time, all aimed at making illegal the safe and proven practice of hydraulic fracturing. And in 2013, the frenzy of negative (and distorted) information around hydraulic fracturing was peaking.

Leading energy interests in Colorado selected iQu and several key Team+ members to implement campaigns opposing the bans. We endeavored to mount fiercely intense and honest campaigns that took the industry in a wholly different direction – acknowledge community concerns, present objective information and challenge every voter to understand the implications of the illegal bans.

Working at a massive level with iQu Team+ partners and connecting the varied assets of the state’s energy companies, we outperformed expectations in all our campaigns. Dozens of direct mail pieces, multiple video and radio ads, door-to-door canvassing operations and full-scale campaigns in four municipalities were just part of the effort iQu mustered.

Four of the measures went to the ballot, and all four passed. One, in Broomfield, has gained a small measure of mythical status based on being decided by 13 votes after a months-long recount battle managed by iQu. Through concerted effort the proposed Loveland 2013 measure was pushed to June 2014.  With extra time and lessons learned, we prevailed in Loveland and the ban was defeated. Justice triumphed in three of the other communities as well, where the fracking bans were overturned by the courts this year. The battle, however, rages on and iQu is involved extensively in supporting responsible energy development in Colorado.