Kim Kasulke

Glue: a strong adhesive substance. That’s what she’s been called. Not only does Kim take this as a compliment, but she also takes it as a professional challenge. Holding things together is what Kim does, and she couldn’t be happier with the reference.

For 20 years, Kim has been helping to keep projects – and people – on track. Throughout her career, Kim has worked with numerous companies in a variety of different industries including real estate investment, premium apparel and financial services, as well as in the nonprofit sector. Each opportunity provided Kim with additional skills and broadened her knowledge of the business environment. From preparing client invoices to preparing financial reports and from coordinating calendars to coordinating production of marketing materials, her experience and skill set is critically important in keeping things running – and running smoothly. Kim brings a unique ability to take care of myriad things in fast-paced campaign environments – from the smallest detail to a large event. In fact, in addition to working as an executive assistant and office manager Kim has managed her own event planning business, staging weddings, bar mitzvahs and charity events for several high-profile clients.

Given the fact that she takes care of everything and everyone around her, it’s probably not surprising that Kim holds an associate degree in nursing. She enjoys cooking and reading, and loves hiking in the mountains near her home.

Kim has an Associates Degree in Nursing Practice from Santa Ana College.